"She changed the way I see my life. Jessica’s photographic eye catches exactly the moments I wish I could freeze and hold on to forever. She somehow senses this and is able to capture those precious, fleeting moments. There’s a magic in looking at my family’s ordinary, mundane moments and being able to view them with awe. Her work has given me this thing that is so hard to describe, but it’s something like a deep, sweet love for myself and my family, this ability to enjoy our day-to-day with greater appreciation. Right now these moments happen every day, but one day they will stop and my children will be grown. I will be forever grateful for the ability to revisit them through these photos."

Joy S.

"Jessica was wonderful with my children and got beautiful, candid shots of them. I have three young boys; they are always on the move, so I have a hard time getting good pictures of them. Somehow Jessica spun photographic magic out of the chaos. She caught sweet, tender moments between my kids and me and captured each kid's silly, mischievous, happy personality. She was friendly and professional, and my boys and I loved working with her. We look forward to getting more pictures with her again soon."

Margie Z.

"Jessica has taken our family photos twice now, and they have turned out incredible each time. We have a 4-year old girl and a 1-year old boy, and she is amazing with them. My daughter has asked her to stay and play after photos both times, which shows how natural she is with kids. For our family, this has equated to each of our kid’s personalities coming alive and really shining through in the photos. I would recommend her highly!"

Lauren L.

“We have a very busy 2-year old and a 6-month old so getting them to sit still for traditional photo ops is not really an option. Our family is so grateful to Jessica for capturing some very fun and sweet moments that we would not have been able to get otherwise! One of our favorite photos is our 2-year old playing Daddy’s guitar; the picture was taken with his hand straight up, pre-strum, and energy on his face like a baby rockstar. It was a very quick moment, but we now have it forever.”

Anne H. 

Jessica has a gift for capturing the beauty in everyday life. I love that looking through her pictures of my family can instantly trigger memories of that stage of our lives, more so than any posed photo ever could. She has a friendly, unassuming presence that puts you at ease and allows her to catch real, honest moments. Each individual’s personality shines through in her photos, even down to our family dogs. We love working with Jessica and plan to do so for many years to come!

Allison W.

“During our photography session with Jessica, it was evident that she is pursuing not simply a paycheck but a passion. She clearly cherishes the bonds of family and precious memories and seeks to “gift wrap” these moments for others. Not only does she produce good results, but she also enjoys the process, which made the photo session both fun and easy for our family. We recommend Jessica to anyone wanting to preserve those all-important moments that just can’t be captured without the help of an extra set of eyes."

Deanna R.

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